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2022 State of Observability and Log Management 


We’re in the midst of a perfect storm of massive data growth and need for innovation.To shed light on key trends, challenges, and approaches to resolving observability challenges, we surveyed over 315 IT professionals across a variety of industries, getting their perspectives on the current state of exploding data and the struggle to gather valuable insights from data. Our goal was to understand what’s driving the massive growth of observability data, and capture what approaches help teams be more productive.

  • 79% state the overall cost of observability and log management will skyrocket in 2022 if current tools don’t evolve. 
  • 96% report using data effectively to solve problems outweighs just storing data. 
  • 83% of respondents report that business stakeholders outside of IT derive insights from log data. 

Read the report to see how IT teams are managing the explosion of log data, and how innovation in observability can help.