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How to Modernize Elasticsearch with EraSearch Cloud-Optimized Architecture


Elasticsearch is a complex distributed system, and as your dataset and query volume grow, the cost of operating a cluster grows as well. Dedicated engineering teams and a large amount of infrastructure are required to manage and scale the system. But even with all that effort, organizations often cannot move from data to insights quickly. Unlike Elasticsearch, EraSearch’s decoupled storage and compute architecture and zero-schema design, combined with low-cost storage, takes away the burden and cost of managing large volumes of time-series data. The benefits are: 

  • Up to 90% reduction in overall costs
  • Up to 90% increase in productivity
  • 50% reduction in number of disks and overall capacity
  • 40% or better compression advantage

How? This white paper digs deep into the key architecture differences between EraSearch and Elasticsearch, focusing on: 

  • Scalability design
  • Operational impact
  • Price performance