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Petabyte-Scale Log Management For Everyone.

Managing Cloud Applications and Infrastructure at Petabyte Scale Without Toil


One of the primary drivers for investment in object storage-based observability and log management is the rising cost of maintaining and scaling legacy open-source log management solutions such as Elasticsearch. High levels of toil often lead to low engineering productivity, operational friction, and inability to compete. For modern IT, including DevOps, platform engineering and SRE teams, increased toil and manual work reduces automation, leading to reduced innovation and a slower pace of releases.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to evaluate a log management solution based on:

  • Business Impact - Does the solution reduce operational friction, and can it provide infrastructure-wide visibility? 
  • Cost - Does the solution provide more upfront value, or more hidden costs?
  • Resources Required - Can your staff deploy and maintain the solution, or will you need to hire more staff?